Hunt and Gather Girl Reporting on life in the food chain


About Hunt and Gather Girl

Growing up on the Gulf Coast Robin learned the importance of her place in the food chain and the healing power of story.  She was blessed with the good juju* of being raised in a land rich with hunter/gatherer rituals, myriad myths and well-marbled alligators.  While marinating gator tail she earned a BA in Creative Writing with a minor in Philosophy and Economics from the University of South Alabama.  Robin was on the Fish and Game Scholarship and admits to frequently poaching bluegill in the pond next to the library at twilight.  In order to make amends, she has purchased a fishing license every year since becoming gainfully employed, no longer poaches bluegill or squirrel, and has a special place in her heart for all DFG employees.

After college, Robin accrued over 20 years as a marketing and sales consultant in advertising and media where she felt that she successfully identified and conveyed the stories of her clients.  They sure paid her a gracious plenty, so it seems like folks were happy with the results.  Mostly it was amazing that someone with a degree in Creative Writing could score such great gigs in radio, TV and advertising.

Along the way, her passion for the power of story inspired her studies of hypnotherapy, shamanism and Jungian archetypal astrology.  She actually spent several years studying to become a Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.  This was incredibly helpful when she told her husband:  “Imagine we are riding in an elevator, you are very relaxed, we are going from the tenth floor, to nine, eight, seven – breathe, that’s right breathe deeply – six, five, four – you are finding that you are very relaxed – three, two, one – as you continue to relax, you have a vision of your wife as a full time writer – you feel more deeply relaxed as she tells you that she is leaving her six figure job at a very successful radio station – your relaxation continues even when she tells you no more free tickets to the symphony – in your vision you see her smiling and sitting in her bathrobe with her laptop, writing, sipping a coca cola and occasionally playing Fish Tycoon during moments of writer’s block.  You find yourself feeling thrilled that she has left her high-powered job so that she can volunteer to freely give her marketing skills away to her favorite presidential candidates and to wonderful causes like the local Farmer’s Market, activist writing conferences and starving writers.  As you slip into an even deeper state of relaxation, you envision that one day her new life as a writer exploring her place in the food chain, will lead to a highly successful blog, book contract and movie deal. That’s right, just keep breathing – you feel honored to shoulder most of the financial responsibility for your family, it makes you feel happy – so take a deeper breath – this should only last a few more years.”

*Robin’s Definition of Juju:  When the random forces of nature combine to form various and sundry events, hopefully in your favor.

Juju was a word that Robin had used since childhood and a concept that went hand in hand with her being able to successfully hunt and gather stories, food, money and men.  It has nothing to do with being Jewish or with French toys (joujou) – but is a derivative of the Yorba (West African) word djudju which means “throw, throw” – go to for more interesting info on one of Robin’s favorite words.

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