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Your “Hunt and Gather Girl” is the proud host and producer of the weekly Farm & Foodshed Report on KWMR radio in West Marin. Who said that Hunter Gatherers and Farmers can’t get along? I do enlightening interviews with farmers, ranchers, fishermen, oystermen, chefs, artisan food makers, permaculturists, scientists, environmentalists, rabblerousers and advocates for a healthy, just and thriving foodshed.


A foodshed is everything between where a food is produced and where a food is consumed – the land it grows on, the routes it travels, the markets it goes through, the tables it ends up gracing. The term was first used in the early 20th century to describe the global flow of food, the term has recently been resurrected to discuss local food systems and ways to create more sustainable and regenerative ways of producing and consuming food.


My show airs live every Monday from noon until 1pm PST on KWMR at 90.5fm and 89.9fm in West Marin or you can listen to our live stream at  We’ve also begun archiving our shows so you can download shows and listen whenever you like!



1/9/12   Marcus Benedetti, President of Clover-Stornetta Farms

Founded in the 1970s, Clover Stornetta is a family-owned and operated dairy processor distributing a wide range of high quality dairy products under the Clover Stornetta and Clover Organic Farms brands, working closely with select family farms in Sonoma and Marin Counties.


1/2/12  Dr. Frank Kutka – The Man Who Could Save Corn!

A developer of “Organic Ready” Corn Frank Kutka is working to save non-GMO and heritage corn!  Dr. Frank Kutka is a plant breeder and the head of the Sustainable Ag Research and Education program at North Dakota State University.  He’s on a mission to stop the GMO contamination of organic corn.  Using his own backyard as a test lab, he is doing research on a naturally occurring trait in corn that causes it to reject and block incoming foreign pollen.  Instead of Roundup Ready – his corn is part of the new trend towards creating an Organic Ready corn to fight the serious problem of contamination from GMO corn.

12/19/11 GMO Overview & Update on the California GMO Labeling Initiative


 12/12/11 Loretta Murphy & Kevin Lunny & the West Marin Compost Project  

It’s a new community-driven solution that benefits the environment, the agricultural community, the county and the local community in numerous ways:  Keeping it local- closing the loop: Currently green and equestrian waste material is trucked out of west Marin to facilities in east Marin or beyond. Diversion of west Marin organic waste materials away from landfill disposal to reuse within West Marin will benefit all Marin residents.


12/5/11 Oceana Institute’s Newly Released Forage Fish Report

Ashley Blacow and Geoff Shester will be in conversation with the Farm & Foodshed Report host, Robin Carpenter on Monday December 5th at noon.  They are contributors to the Oceana Institute’s newly released study, “Forage Fish:  Feeding the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem.” In this report they examine the role of forage species in the California Current marine ecosystem, the threats to forage species populations, and the management structures currently in place.  The term “forage species” means any fish or invertebrate species that contributes significantly to the diets of other fish, birds, mammals, or sea turtles.  As fisheries for larger species have declined off the U.S. West Coast (e.g. tunas, salmon, and rockfish), the relative contribution of the smaller forage species to commercial landings and value has increased.


11/28/11 Pete Kennedy,  Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund President 

They are at the forefront of defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting
consumer access to raw milk and nutrient dense foods. They are working to insure the rights of farmers and consumers to engage in direct commerce;  protect the rights of farmers to sell the products of the farm and the rights of consumers to access the foods of their choice from the source of their choice.
11/14/11 Ken Cook, President and Co-founder of the Environmental Working Group
We will be discussed the fall 2011 ”hijacking” of the Farm Bill by the Congressional Super Committee that was almost drawn up in secret.  This could have had devasting impacts on support for farming that isn’t funded by the powerful agribusiness lobby.






10/31/11 Cathy Strange, Global Cheese Buyer for Whole Foods

My guest this week was Cathy Strange.  She is the global cheese buyer for Whole Foods and hosted some fellow writers and journalists at a follow the milk adventure this past week taking us from Straus Family Creamery’s dairy operation in Marshall to Cowgirl Creamery in Petaluma to watch the cheese production.  She’s an authority at detecting international food trends during her travels around the world while seeking out vendor partners that meet Whole Foods Market’s strict Quality Standards. After selecting new partners, Cathy works diligently with the small producers to help them sustain a profitable business.  She is a member of the American Cheese Society, the Cheese of Choice Coalition, the Cheese Importers Association, the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Slow Foods USA and Les Dames d’Escoffier where she serves as the vice president of the Austin Chapter. She also serves as an advisor on the Board of the Raw Milk Cheesemaker’s Association.

9/5/11 Hannah Nordhaus and John Miller 

A fascinating conversation with Hannah Nordhaus, the author of The Beekeeper’s Lament: How One Man and Half a Billion Honey Bees Help Feed America, and infamous poet and traveling beekeeper , John Miller.

8/29/11 Paul Wallace, of the Petaluma Seed Bank & Co-founder of the National Heirloom Exposition 

We’ll be talking seed diversity, heirloom seeds and the exciting National Heirloom Exposition that will be held in Santa Rosa from September 13-15th.  Touted as the World’s Pure Food Fair, this exposition will feature heirloom fruits and veggies from all over the country.   West Marin folks will be exhibiting their produce like, KWMR supporter Amy Whelan and her Dragon Tongue beans



8/15/11 Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Producer/Director of                  “The Greenhorns”

Severine is a farmer, activist and organizer based in the Hudson Valley in New York. She produced and directed a documentary about the young farmers who are reclaiming, restoring and retrofitting America.   That film, titled “The Greenhorns” grew into a small nonprofit organization that currently produces events, media and new media for and about the young farming community. Greenhorns mission is to “recruit, promote and support” the growing tribe of new agrarians.  








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